Mathematical Equation That Tells if a Movie Will Be Hit or Not

“Movie”, a name familiar to every single person today. Many people love to watch movies and they even spend a lot of their money at cinemas . They make special arrangements and plans to watch a new movie with their friends and families. But not every movie is a hit, and they sometimes regret to waste their time seeing the worthless and boring movie.
Soon this problem would be in past. Once again our engineers have find a solution to this problem.
It seems that when engineers at the Tottori University Department of Engineering under Professor Akira Ishii’s research group  sat to discuss which movie to watch next time, they racked their brains and got a solution that can be called only apt for an engineer’s brain – a mathematical equation. Deciding not to rely on word-of-mouth or advertising, together they devised a maths model that predicts if a certain movie will make it to the hit list as a general trend. And much to their happiness, they found that their equation matches really well with actual hit-or-nots in movies. They tested their equation with 25 movies and were delighted to see the forecasts of audiences match to their predictions with high accuracy.
mathematical equation for movie hit or not

Though you can’t really take their equation of the labs, the engineering students are working on incorporating their equation into a software that is easily understandable to marketers as well as non-technical. Professor Ishii has also published a paper for their mathematical model in UK’s New Journal of Physics. Go ahead and watch a video put together by DigInfo to know more –

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