10 Tips to Start Your Blogging Career


This is not the first time when I read with great pleasure, Neil Patel‘s advice. I have to say that lately, we are more and more on the same wavelength. I found myself a lot of tricks, and I applied also what I’ve seen here and there. I met unfortunately a lot of cheap advice, or even devious. Cheap advice is the bunch of e-mails you’re going to fill your inbox with, if you subscribe to “Pamela and Wendy’s Tips” to set up a WordPress Blog, a pitch to sell you a very expensive “Site Setup Kit”. I’m sorry to say that, but it’s expensive, it’s almost $300. Three installments of $98 add to almost three hundred USD. I don’t know of the “Kit”, but the “advice and tips” are lame. I have twenty articles here more explicit than that. I offer you a WordPress site/blog for just $100, with domain and hosting for one year, included. Pam and Wendy are recommended by Studiopress. That’s the kink. I have to be lucky if you even consider what I’m talking about. Anyway, let’s go back. Devious advice, now, is what you receive from an “expert” who talks without checking what he or she is talking about, and if you, the amateur, apply their advice, have your site broken, banned or blocked for a certain time. I’m not giving up names, because I don’t want to mix with them, ever, and that’s not the point of this article.

    • 1. First thing of all, you need an e-mail address , which I’m sure you already have, only it’s better to make the account with gmail. That’s maybe because I trust Google, I don’t know. I used to love yahoo a lot, I had Hotmail accounts as well, their Messenger is hot, but… they’re very easy to become pray of bad jokes. I don’t use yahoo or Hotmail any more, I use my own addresses now, but we’ll come to that.
    • 2. A domain name, quite logic, isn’t it? I don’t recommend a “free” blog, at blogspot orwordpress.com. I recommend your own domain name, with what will be at next point.
    • 3. Hosting, your own package. Once you have your domain, you put it on your nameservers, at your hosting company. Simple, it’s not rocket science. I wonder why am I using this cheap cliché. If you consider it so, ask me. I’ll try to be understandable.
    • 4. The WordPress module from wordpres.org. It’s free, but you’ll have this choice to make with your hosting company, they’ll put it up for you, or they’ll show you how, step by step.

Not the right solution to choose between two “free” platforms

    • 5. You’ll need good plugins, to help with your wordpress platform. You need a good (if not quite a Premium) theme, first of all at this stage.
    • 6. You have the gmail account, so you have perhaps already a Google account. With that you need to make an Analytics account as well, you’ll be subscribed with the same address. You will be provided with a code which you’re going to implement in your site’s HTML. Piece of cake, they’re going to show you how and where exactly. You just have to read carefully, there’s no need of other advice. They say you need to know CSS and HTML to “walk around” a site. You’ll come to that as well, “easy, easy, one by one”, with patience. Of course that if you have a business to run and a lot of money, all I’m saying here is futile.


    • 7. I think you know that Social Media has a great impact to promote you and your site as well. Not a fan of Facebook, I know it’s a great tool to use for your blog. If you are not easy disturbed and have a way to keep the jerks out, it’s a great way to “talk and share” thinks related to your site. Same with G+ and less and less now, Twitter. Sometimes Twitter is used just for conversation, as Skype or other Messengers are too hard to use. I know that telephone is maybe not the most economical way to communicate these days. Reddit seems to be the greatest traffic creator for people who knows what’s reddit about, only that it’s full of trolls and other “purists” who don’t have anything else to do with their lives but to check if you’re doing any self promotion there. This is as stupid as may be, your articles may be essential for that community, pure and simple, and your links if they’re pushed by other people, you may stand a chance to become rapidly famous. Stumble Upon, is still good, but I have a feeling that it’s winter there and their community migrated to other places, much warmer, as Pinterest for sample. I’m not talking of Tumbler here. That’s another blogging platform.
    • 8. You need another Google section account, a Webmaster Tools account. There, you have the opportunity to press your Search Engines presence. You fill your .xml to Google and the other Search Engines will snatch it. You’re going to be found on Google, isn’t that great?
    • 9. Have you ever heard of Link Exchange? Only stupids don’t do it. You need to exchange links with others like you, and you need to subscribe your site or blog to directories. This is taking a lot of time, but again, with patience you’ll succeed.

  • 10. Comments on other blogs and places allowing you to do that. Fix your presence everywhere, “have a say”, as they say. This is one of the cheapest methods of SEO. You know that, don’t you? Search Engine Optimization. Your link is found around. You’re going to be taken seriously.

Why don’t ask me about that? It’s incredible how much time and money you’ll save.


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