Awfully Amazing Inspirational Info-graphics

There are numerous ways to present information: your choice depends on the media where it’s supposed to appear and on the audience. Text works almost for all situations but if you want to be really effective, then you should think of data visualization methods. As you remember from your childhood, we’re taught different matters by looking at the pictures with little bits of text. This technique works perfectly for all ages, all people and all kinds of information.

One type of visual information representation is creating an information graphic (or an infographic). Its advantages are obvious: an infographic allows to present data in a compact and creative way thus making it easier to acquire and to memorize.

For a designer, infographics present a large field for improving the skills and trying new techniques. You can turn the data representation in a very entertaining and exciting process by making really creative infographics. Below are the most stunning examples of data visualization that can give you the full impression of this method to convey your knowledge and inspire you to try it.

Infographics Examples

Jonathan Patterson Infographic

The Sushi Handbook

Desalination Process

World – Infographic Elements – Visual Information

Water course

Infographic Elements and Template


Jet Lag

Circadian Rhythm

Government as a Platform

Age Distribution on Social Network Sites

Balance Your Media Diet

Social Marketing Compass

The Art of Listening

The Evolution of Twitter: 2010

History Lesson: The Story of Beer

On Driving: Automobile History

The Shocking Demographics of Cell Phone Use

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