Awesome Business Card Designs For Your Company’s Better Marketing

The world is expanding at a faster rate and so the businesses. Such scenarios give rise to increasing competition where only the best can sell and stay afloat. For this, any small, medium or even a big enterprise needs proper branding i.e. it needs to create an impression on its client. And an important tool that can prove useful in this entire exercise is a beautiful business card.

Business card speaks volume about company’s image and its culture. Where a dull and boring card can turn off your client, an innovative business card design can win plenty of them. So before you say yes to any design, make sure to take a good look at all the available business card designs.

Good business card design examples

Creativity needs no definition and introduction. It doesn’t matter whether the card has custom cuts and shapes or matte polish. What make any business card worth its value are the idea behind applying a particular design and the use of typographical and graphical elements.

Some of the finest business card designs that can inspire you include Birthday Business Card, Index Business Cards, Minimalist Profile Business Card and Letterpress Business Cards. All these cards are very different from one another and feature a unique pattern and style.

For some out-of-the-box thinking, you can also see Anchored Art Letterpress Business Cards, MindWarp Business Cards and Pour Elle Business Card. Other than them, Mahogany, Layer Cake, Nature Delight, City Slicker and City Storm business card designs are also getting good attention. These card designs are trendy and reflect present-day creative styles.

If you want to explore something directly related to the kind of business you are running, then again there is nothing to worry. Nowadays, business cards are designed to suit specific business needs. As a result, you can look for examples under attorney, fashion, bakery, health & spa, music, DJ, dental, religious, photography, travel, digital media, computer and professional categories. The list doesn’t exhaust here. Many more are there. You just have to pick the one that answers your requirement well.

Highlights of business card design examples

Most of the aforementioned business card designs are now available on unconventional materials such as metal, wood and plastic. These materials have unique texture and rich look. These can easily impress anyone with such strong yet sophisticated base.

They are better complemented with standard size. Too big or too small a business card can look bit awkward. But if the size of the card is standard, it not only appears to be attractive but easy to carry as well.

Another important element of the business card is the application of creative designs. Plain or dull designs are a strict no. The design should be simple but intricate. It should reflect the ideology of a business through the use of accurate figures and shapes. And you can understand this well while looking at the examples given above.

Along with these elements, focus your attention on the use of tagline also. Most of these cards have simple and short taglines, conveying aptly the essence of the targeted business. Many people believe that flashy or over-the-top kind of tagline can make a real difference. But it is not so. A tagline should be believable and motivating. And for this, going for a simple yet impact one is the right choice.

Pop Grub

ideo architekci

Balzac Brasserie


Koralj identity



Five & Dime

Sales Desk Polen

Adam & Eve Law Firm

Above & Below

Eskimo identity

Camarata Coca-Cola

Orange Hive

The Chain Reaction Project


Piping Hot

TV Editing Identity Design

Brands for the People

Radio DJ Business Card

Simple Card Design Mom

Tiko Trip Design

Edible and Plantable Business Cards

Blue Edged Letterpress

War Relic Business Design

Laser Cut Cotton Card

Wedding Photography Business Card


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