How To Make Your Pen Drive Bootable To Install Windows

In this tutorial, I’m going to show you how to make a Bootable PenDrive. In this step by step tutorial, you will be able to learn through proper screen shots.

Bootable PenDrive:

Bootable PenDrive means, the pen drive which can be used to install windows, in the boot mode when your computer is just turned ON. Just like a bootable DVD i.e. DVD of Microsoft Windows, a bootable pendrive help you installing the Microsoft windows in the same fashion.

 The pen drive, I’ve used in this tutorial is of 4GB, and I want to install Windows7.

Step-by-step tutorial:

Now let’s start our step-by-step tutorial:

  1. Go to Start. Type “CMD” and must run it “as Administrator“.
  2. Command Prompt will now open as “Administrator”.  
  3. Write “DISKPART”, to see the available disks on your computer, and hit Enter.
  4. Now type command “List Disk”, to see the available disks to make bootable.
  5. This part must be done very carefully. Vigilantly select the disk no. here. Otherwise, you might select your HDD instead of selecting Pendrive, and ignorantly might wipe all of your data in your HDD. Here my pen drive is “Disk 2”.
  6. Now clean your pen drive, it might take time depending on the size of your pen drive.
  7. Create primary partition in your pen drive.
  8. Now to use this primary partition, make it active.
  9. Now format recently made primary partition in Fat32 mode. Label your pen drive, whatever you want. I’ve labeled it “windows7”.
  10. Now exit from “DiskPart“.
  11. Now copy windows contents on your pen drive, using “ROBOCOPY” . The drive letter K is my DVD Drive and M is my PenDrive. You have to substitute those according to yours. Well, I recommend “ROBOCOPY” other than the “Regular Copy”of Windows 7/Vista is that “Regular Copy” have 256 character limitation, whereas ‘ROBOCOPY’ have no such limitation & is more stable than the former. 

Well, that’s it. After ROBOCOPY completes, eject your Pen Drive. Restart your computer and make your Pen Drive as the 1st boot device in BIOS.

If you find any problem during the procedure, please don’t hesitate to ask, and let’s know about your problem through comment. 🙂

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