Create Your Own Log-On Message in Windows

Hello Everyone! The trick I’m going to tell you in this post, everyone of you must try this, It’s amazing.
OK then, Let’s get started!

  1. Open, “Run” tab, by pressing Windows+R or go to Start, type “run”.
  2. Now type “regedit“, hit “Enter”.

  3. A “Registry Editor” tab will open.

  4. In registry editor click on HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE and then click on software.

  5. Now scroll down and go to Microsoft.

  6. Now scroll down further and click on Windows NT.
  7. Now Click on Current version. Now as you scroll down, you will find “Winlogon”. Right click on it.
  8. In right side, right click on Legal_Notice_caption. Click modify.

  9. Type the text whatever you want, like ” Welcome”. Click OK.
  10. Right click on legal_Notice_Text and modify text value.

    After that close your registry editor and restart your computer. Message will appear every time you log-On.


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