How to Create Your Own Font Character in Windows

 In this tutorial, I’m going to show you how to make your private font characters. There are so many websites for fonts, you just Google them. But sometimes we need some special font characters in our documents, which are usually and mostly not available in those fonts, which you download. This tutorial is about making your own private font characters.

In this tutorial, you are going to learn how to make private font characters by using “Private Character Editor”.

Private Character Editor:

Private Character Editor is windows famous system tool for making personal font characters. You can build your  font there as well as browse your own character library.  It has so many tools just like “Paint” in Windows, which will help you in making, editing, and customizing your font character.

There are two ways to access “Private Character Editor”.

  • One way is,  Go to:                                                            (Recommended for those who are not used to “Run”)
    Start Menu -> All Programs -> Accessories -> System Tools -> Private Character Editor’.

  • Other one is through “Run”, open run and type “eudcedit“.

How to Use Private Character Editor:

  1. When you hit OK, a new Window ” Select Code” will open.
  2. Click OK, and now the “Private Character Editor” Window will open.
  3. Now as you can see, the “Private Character Editor” has similar kind of interface like “Paint” . There are some character options on the left bar, like “Pencil”, “Rectangle”, “Circle” etc, there. There are more tools given on the top.
  4. Now using your designing creativity and skills, make your private character, the way you want it.
  5. When you are done with your character shape, save it.
  6. Now, go to “Files>Font Links”, to link your font character with whatever default Windows font, you like.
  7. Now you have two options. It’s up-to you, which one you want to choose. I chose the second one, as I want it specific with “Calibri” font. Click OK.

  8. Now save the font, you just have made.

Character Map:

Now to view the character, you just made on “Private Character Editor”, you need to open character map. Character Map, is also system tool, used to view the font characters saved in your character library.

How to Use Character Map:

  1. Type “Charmap” in run command.
  2. When you OK it, a new Window “Character Map” will open.
  3. Now in the top, in “Font:”, select “All Fonts( private character)”. You will find your font character there.
  4. In the bottom, there is “Select” button, select your character by clicking  it.

    Now copy it and paste it wherever you want it, in your document and have fun.  🙂

One thing in “Private Character Editor”, I forgot to tell is that you can also modify or edit your previous character. Every time you save a character, it is given a hexadecimal code. So, you can select your previous character by selecting its code.

When you click the “Select Code” option, the “Select code” will re-open. Select the character of your choice and click OK. Your selected character will open.

In the End:

I hope you find this tutorial sufficient. I would be happy if you work on this Editor. Check your designing skills, and make amazing characters and show us your work. We would be happy to have feedback from you. Take Care!


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